Kenosha News: Steil on the government shutdown: 'Let's get to work'

January 7, 2019

Working for manufacturing companies in Southeast Wisconsin for 10 years, I know there are no political parties on the shop floor.

You also don’t stop production or send employees home when a decision cannot be made. In the private sector, people come together to solve problems on time and within budget.

I also saw this work ethic as a member of the University of Wisconsin Board of Regents.

By staying focused on students, we were able to keep tuition frozen to make education more affordable for Wisconsin families.

These are the types of results we need more of in Washington. Congress could learn a thing or two from this private sector approach.

Like every American, I am frustrated with the current situation and the continuous cycle of shutting down the government over political fights. We need to reopen the government.

As a new member of Congress, I am determined to tackle this issue head-on. In order to do so, my colleagues in the House must come to the table to find common ground while also addressing border security. The legislation voted on this week was not a serious attempt to end the shutdown.

Our time in the House must be spent having constructive, substantive dialogue and focusing on passing a bill that also has the support of the Senate and can be signed into law by the president. I remain committed to finding a solution, ending the shutdown, and providing necessary funding for enhanced border security.

In the days and weeks ahead, Speaker Pelosi has the opportunity to put forth legislation that will move our country forward. I stand willing to work with all of my colleagues, solve the problems facing our country, and focus on delivering for the American people.

Now is not the time to punt important policy matters to arbitrary deadlines. It’s time Washington focuses on getting things done rather than grandstanding for political points. We must be deliberate, productive and offer serious proposals.

I didn’t come to Washington because it would be easy. I came here to solve the tough issues and get results for Wisconsinites. Let’s get to work.

Bryan Steil, a Janesville Republican, was sworn in Thursday and represents the 1st Congressional District of Wisconsin in the U.S. House of Representatives.