Steil. Bice call on Biden to end U.S. southern border crisis

October 7, 2021
In The News

U.S. Reps. Bryan Steil (R-WI) and Stephanie Bice (R-OK) on Monday voiced concerns after experiencing the nation’s southern border crisis first hand during a visit to Del Rio, Texas.

The lawmakers met with United States Border Patrol agents, toured the International Bridge and held a roundtable with leaders from the Border Patrol Union, the Texas Department of Public Safety, and the National Guard to discuss the ongoing crisis, according to their offices.

“President Biden’s open border policies have created an illegal immigration crisis,” Rep. Steil said on Oct. 4. “Since President Biden took office, Border Patrol has encountered over 1.2 million illegal migrants at our southern border.” 

Rep. Bice pointed out that while many people might assume immigrants crossing the border are from Mexico or Central American countries, there have actually been people apprehended there from more than 90 countries.

“The national security aspects of letting so many people cross our border is extremely concerning,” said Rep. Bice. “After hearing from border patrol agents, Texas National Guardsmen and Texas Department of Public Safety on the ground in Del Rio, it could not be more obvious that the situation is out of control. 

According to the lawmakers, they were informed by agents that parts of the border wall are being deconstructed by the Biden administration. 

“President Biden ended construction of the wall and is sending the message that our borders are open,” said Rep. Steil. “We must provide our border patrol officers with the resources necessary to carry out their mission, secure the border, and end this self-inflicted crisis.”

Agents also shared data on apprehensions in the Del Rio sector showing that almost 34,000 illegal immigrants were encountered in Del Rio during fiscal year 2020. In FY 2021, thus far, almost 215,000 illegal immigrants have been encountered in the same area, according to agents.

“President Biden and his administration must stop ignoring what’s happening at our border and address this crisis,” said Rep. Bice.