In this time of crisis, criminal scammers are preying on our emotions.

I am fighting to hold these criminals accountable.

During this time, I want you to make sure you have the tips to avoid scammers. At the same time, I am fighting to keep these criminals accountable.

Here’s the problem.

Criminals are taking advantage of this unprecedented situation.

Math class at the kitchen table. Gym outside in the backyard. History class from the living room. Families of the 50 million students across the nation forced to learn at home are facing a unique financial challenge.

Iran’s leaders hope that the global battle against COVID-19 will allow their actions to go unchecked. But they cannot be trusted, and we must take action.

Iran is using the coronavirus pandemic to work to avoid our sanctions. I have a plan to stop that if we act now.

Combating human trafficking is an issue that transcends partisanship and ideology – and one that calls on our common humanity.

Since day one, I’ve said I would work with anyone to get results for Southeast Wisconsin and the American people. Five months into my first term in office, that motive hasn’t changed.

If you look past the partisan headlines, cable television, and social media, productive and meaningful work is happening in Congress.

Picture this: On your first day at a new job, you walk onto the shop floor and parts of the factory are shut down.

That was the setting for my first day and weeks in Congress, as parts of the federal government were shut down.

Working for manufacturing companies in Southeast Wisconsin for 10 years, I know there are no political parties on the shop floor.

You also don’t stop production or send employees home when a decision cannot be made. In the private sector, people come together to solve problems on time and within budget.