Rep. Steil hosts Janesville swearing-in ceremony, responds to shutdown

January 22, 2019
In The News

JANESVILLE (WKOW) — The new Congressman for Wisconsin’s 1st District was sworn in at his local office on Sunday.

Republican Rep. Bryan Steil took the oath at a ceremony in Janesville. His mother held the bible for him as he was being sworn-in.

Steil thanked everyone who voted for him for the opportunity to replace Paul Ryan, who held the job from 1998 until he stepped down at the end of last session.

“I really look at this as such a spectacular honor that’s been given to me. To be your voice and the voice of people here in the 1st Congressional District, to be your voice in Wisconsin,” Steil said at the ceremony.

Steil started work in D.C. on Jan. 3. He gave his first speech on the House floor about the shutdown.

Steil says there is still a lot to get done as the partial government shutdown continues.

“I think we should be locked in a room in Washington, no one allowed out until we reach a resolution, I mean that somewhat seriously, I don’t think that this shutdown should continue one day more,” he said Sunday.

The Congressman says he’s hopeful the president’s offer of a compromise will bring real progress on the stalemate.