Republican congressmen asking Gov. Evers for clarity on CARES Act spending

April 22, 2021
In The News

U.S. Representative Bryan Steil and Wisconsin congressional Republicans are asking Governor Tony Evers to explain how he is spending the federal funding allocated by the CARES Act.


They signed a letter to Evers this week seeking more information about what money has been spent and what has been allocated for future spending.


Steil has been critical of the governor for earmarking the funding for programs and expenses during the pandemic as opposed to spending it immediately to address the state’s needs.


He points to reports from the U.S. Treasury Department and Legislative Fiscal Bureau which show Evers has allocated $1.72 billion out of the roughly $2 billion awarded to the state, with a much lower percent directly spent so far.


Specifically, the letter asks for “a detailed accounting of funds that have been obligated and funds that have been spent,” including invoices that have not been received and local government reimbursements that have not been submitted.


The congressmen also want to know how the state plans to prioritize the spending it will be allocated moving forward.


Evers responded to a previous inquiry from Steil, noting how the state is reviewing requests for CARES Act funding for many of the programs he has set up and expressing concerns about not wanting to use up all of the money before knowing whether more is coming.