Steil Amendment Supporting Wisconsin Dairy Farmers Passes House

June 20, 2019
Press Release

WASHINGTON, D.C.—Today, Bryan Steil’s budget-neutral amendment providing funding for the Dairy Business Innovation Initiatives passed the House by a voice vote. 

Watch Steil's floor speech during debate HERE. 

“Wisconsin’s dairy industry is a vital part of our state. It’s important to support our farmers who are working hard to stay in business despite low milk prices and limited access to international markets. My amendment protects $1.5 million that helps farmers and businesses innovate and modernize the dairy industry. We must continue to promote business development in Wisconsin’s dairy industry so it remains viable and profitable for generations to come,” said Steil.  

“Dairy Business Association and our affiliated organization, Edge Dairy Farmer Co-op, are very appreciative of Representatives Steil, Duffy, and Gallagher’s work to properly fund the Dairy Business Innovation Initiatives. These are challenging times for dairy farmers, and we cannot recover by merely doing more of the same. Innovation to help take the dairy community in a new direction is what we need; this funding and these initiatives are key parts of that,” said John Holevoet from Dairy Business Association and Edge Dairy Farm Cooperative.

“At a time of serious economic crisis in the dairy industry, the Dairy Business Innovation Initiative is an important program that strives to increase dairy farm profitability, and encourage dairy manufacturers to diversify from commodity products into value-added items like specialty cheese,” said UW-Madison Professor John Lucey, Director of the Wisconsin Center for Dairy Research.

On background:

Specifically, Steil’s amendment restores funding to the Dairy Business Innovative Initiatives. The Appropriations Committee had previously recommended a funding cut for this program. Because of Steil’s amendment, $1.5 million will go to our dairy farmers to support their work. This amendment is offset and is budget neutral.