Steil Delivers U.S. Flag Flown Over Capitol to Brighton War Memorial

August 10, 2021
Press Release

BRIGHTON, WISCONSIN—Congressman Bryan Steil (WI-01) delivered a U.S. flag that was flown over the Capitol to the Brighton War Memorial. 

“I’m committed to honoring and supporting our nation’s veterans. Whether it’s cutting through bureaucratic red-tape for veterans from Southeast Wisconsin or ensuring that our nation’s heroes are properly honored, you can count on me to fight for our veterans in Congress. The new U.S. flag we presented to the Brighton War Memorial was flown over the U.S. Capitol and will now fly over the Memorial to honor and remember our nation’s heroes,” said Steil. 

Steil requested a flag be flown over the U.S. Capitol which was then presented to the Brighton War Memorial. Wisconsin State Representative Samantha Kerkman joined Congressman Steil to deliver the flag to Connie Erdman of Brighton and members of the Brighton War Memorial Board. Community members gathered to attend the flag presentation ceremony. 

The Brighton War Memorial was built in 1921 in remembrance of Brighton’s fallen Civil War and World War I soldiers. The first monument included the names of 68 men from Brighton who died during the Civil War and the 37 men who died in World War I. In 2016, private funds were raised to expand the memorial to honor veterans from World War II, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan.  

With the assistance of Congressman Steil’s office, residents of Southeast Wisconsin can order a flag that was flown over the U.S. Capitol. Flags flown over the Capitol include a certificate of authenticity and may be personalized to honor a person, day, event, or organization. Please visit Steil.House.Gov for more information on how to order a flag that was flown over the U.S. Capitol. 

Steil Presents Flag to Brighton Veterans Memorial