Steil Supports Bill to Strengthen Great Lakes, Urges President Trump to Fund Great Lakes Restoration Initiative

February 5, 2020
Press Release

WASHINGTON, D.C.—Today, Bryan Steil released a statement following House passage of the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative Act of 2019. Steil also urged President Trump to support funding for the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative (GLRI) in his Fiscal Year 2021 budget.

“The Great Lakes play an important role in Wisconsin’s economic success and environmental health. The Great Lakes Restoration Initiative has helped Wisconsin protect Lake Michigan and our shoreline communities. As Kenosha, Milwaukee, and Racine Counties face new environmental challenges, we must ensure Southeast Wisconsin is resilient against these threats,” said Steil.

Earlier this year, Steil visited Pershing Park in Racine to tour the shoreline damage from recent storms and flooding. Steil, a cosponsor of the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative Act of 2019 and the Great Lakes Coastal Resiliency Act of 2019, has spoken to President Trump and Vice President Pence about erosion damage in Southeast Wisconsin and the need to protect Lake Michigan.

In part, Steil writes: “Lakeside properties and infrastructure are in danger of being lost and the Asian Carp has the potential to devastate the $7 billion fishing industry of the Great Lakes. From Kenosha to Racine Counties, the Great Lakes are an integral part of our communities’ economic and environmental wellbeing. The GLRI has been a vital program that helps states restore and promote healthy ecosystems, while supporting local job creation and tourism.”

You can read Steil’s letter to President Trump here.